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We are offering variety of video types.
Classic photoshoots and Drone photography. 

Video production type examples


Commercial Video

One of the most popular types of videos used for commercial purposes. This is the most popular way to show your company's possibilities and scope of work in an attractive way. This type of video production fits in a medium time format, which usually takes between 1:30 and 3:00 min.  

Social Media Shorts

Popular format for all the social media platforms like Linked in, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Usually very short and dynamic images mixed with text or info graphic. This type of video can be made in custom aspect ratio. From standard panoramic 16:9 to square format and vertical for mobile users. This is a short time format with typical duration between 10s - 20s

Video Presentation

Type of video that is focused on information content. The main theme is to fit as much information as needed in short time of the presentation. Format that is dominated with text and info graphic that are designed to pass clear information in an creative and attractive way. Useful for online invitations and presentations


Production similar to commercial video but with much more informative content and longer duration. Usually using a voice over or interview with company workers or CO's. Format that contains presentation elements and infographics. Most commonly used for long duration projects or when the complex explanation is needed. 

Format that usually fits in 2-4 min time duration.

Long-Term Film production

Commercial or documentary type videos that contain material gathered in the long scope of time. Useful with projects that need detailed content and show progress of work that takes from several weeks, months or even years. This type of video helps to show the amount of work that has been done, explain technology and show long term results in short and attractive way.

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