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Film production and drone photography in Szczecin

Latest film project

Here we are presenting our latest and most interesting projects. 

Presentation type video made for our Polish/Danish partner AARSLEFF BIZ.

This is an After Effect project designed to be short, dynamic and informative.

Video presentation about a production process

of concrete working platforms for offshore wind turbine installation.

Film production Behind the scenes

Fotografia aparat fotograficzny
Dron dji Isnpire 2
Zdjęcia sferyczne 360
Timelapse zdjęcia przyśpieszone






4K 50p | 10 Bit videos 

24 mpx Full Frame

Inspire 2 Drone

42mpx  360 stills and videos 

6K Motion timelapse videos

We are offering complex video production, both from air and ground equipment. Combining all available assets to create stunning images to show your company or product in most effective way. Weather it is a long term construction project, short video presentation, interview or a documentation video. Using various technics and equipment such as cameras, lenses,

light, drones or gimbals we are capable to make most boring and insignificant process look dynamic and amazing.

A picture is worth a thousand words. A good picture is worth everything. Using advanced cameras and lenses we are capable to capture images that no smartphone can take. Presenting a short moment in best possible way, to later use on your web page, social media, calendar or any other marketing materials. Each photo is captured in RAW format and later carefully enhanced using professional Adobe software giving us stunning results. 

We are using variety of Drones not only to show a higher perspective view, but mostly to create dynamic image, with many fast, complicated and precise camera movements. With Inspire 2 being our workhorse for capturing best quality image. Beside it we have in possession heavy lift industrial drones for special operations, and good old Phantom 4 pro for extreme environment. Where it can still outperform most recent drones in terms of performance and above all image quality. Thanks to its 1 inch 4K50p image sensor. 

Virtual tours are now a new thing, but it is still difficult to find good quality virtual tours especially in low light. Using 360 camera with large 1 inch sensor we are capable to outperform most commercially available consumer cameras. Providing good quality image in many different environments where the available light is not always sufficient. A proper virtual tour can contain hundreds of images, taken in RAW format and then enhanced giving the best possible result.

Timelapse videography is a unique and challenging form of filming. Creating a timelapse sometime takes several hours and sometimes even days or weeks. We are capable to capture long term timelapses that last more than a few weeks or even months, presenting processes that naturally take so much time that nobody even notices them happening. To a form of a few minutes video that blows you away showing something previously unseen. Motion timelapse is something that enhance this ability to make it look even more stunning and elegant.

TIMELAPSE Video  up to 6K

Mapa działaności firmy

Company have started its operation in early 2014, providing aerial photography and drone videos. Since then we have evolved quite a bit and participated in various filming projects, working as partners with other companies and later as a separate creator.


Through 10 years in this business we have gain a lot of experience, which in time helped to establish a unique business profile four our works, which is  focused mostly on Industrial theme. Making videos and photos for large companies, on construction sites, assembly halls etc.

Thru all this years we were making marketing content for various projects from almost all industry branches. Starting from Geo-engineering works, Maritime and Shipbuilding industry, OFFShore, Transport, Aviation industry, Construction industry, Defense industry and even Energy Sector.


Company have its roots in a small city in Poland, where we started this business, but not so long after we were providing our services  through the whole country. Now the HQ is based in Szczecin, Poland.

Since traveling even hundreds of kilometers is not an issue, our work became appreciated abroad.


For the past several years we have been working with several big international companies, making videos and photos on a variety of projects, in countries like, Germany, Sweden, Norway, France, Czech Republic and Denmark.

We are happy to expand our boundaries even further.

Our work is based on an open mind and fresh approach. Using most modern technology, software and own hard work and skill. We are offering fresh approach in film making. Creating unique content and showing our client's abilities and experience realizing daring projects across Europe in most dynamic, interesting and exciting way.



Email us:

Phone: +48 509 268 045

Regitration Info


Batorego 8 75-660 Koszalin, Poland

VAT Number: PL 669-252-13-78

Filmy technologiczne Fotografia Inżynieria

Location Info:

Duńska 45a/2

71-795 Szczecin, Poland

We are located in Szczecin, Poland but we are able to provide our service all across Europe. We will be happy to establish cooperation with companies from all industry branches.

If you are interested in consulting your project and ideas feel free to send us email.

You can also visit our facebook page.

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